Exterior Painting Is A Smart Investment For Any Home

January 29, 2009

In this difficult housing market time, more and more homeowners are finding ways to make their current home fit their needs. This means home improvements are on the rise in all aspects of the house. Considering that the exterior of the home is the first thing guest and neighbors see many homeowners have made the decision to make the exterior of their home a priority. Exterior painting is one easy and affordable way to make the most out of a house. Whether you are painting aluminum siding or wood siding, there are lots of advantages to taking this step with your house care. Take a look at some of the benefits you will enjoy when you add exterior painting to your list of things to do.

Exterior Painting Increases Your Equity

As much as no one wants to dwell on it, exterior painting can add value to your home in these unstable financial times. Even under the best of economic conditions, it’s a smart idea to be continuously improving the equity in your house. The hard financial times will pass and when they do, your home will be ready for the next step whether it is to sell it or add your own new memories. It’s worth it in the long run to hire a professional house painter for exterior painting. He or she will be sure that the job is done correctly and will stand the test of time.

Besides how the bank or mortgage company sees it, exterior painting is more than just a way to add equity to your home. There are few things more pleasant in life than to come home and really like what you see. Changing the existing color of your house or simply have the paint freshened up will make you love your house even more. Whatever way you go, you will have the satisfaction of seeing your home look as good as you always knew it could. Get creative or stay traditional, the choice is up to you.

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The Advantages Of Interior Painting

January 29, 2009

No homeowner would ever dispute the idea that houses require a lot of work. Not only do you want your home to be safe and up to code, you also want things to look nice. Appearance is important not only for yourself, but for your guests and friends. When it comes to interior painting, there are lots of advantages to keep in mind.

Interior painting is one of the most cost effective ways to improve the appearance of your home, even if you choose to hire a professional painter to do the job for you. Just like with the other advances in the materials for home improvements and techniques, interior painting is different than it was even a few years ago. Take a look at some of the new options you have with this easy, quick home improvement job.

Interior Painting Can Update the Look of Your Home

Are you worried about all the fumes that will in your house after an interior painting job? Well you may not have to worry anymore. There isn’t too much that is pleasant about the scent of regular house paint. However, thanks to modern technology, house paints are being made with fewer chemicals, making the smell less noticeable and less dangerous. Of course, you and your contractor will still want to practice good sense and make sure proper ventilation is available during the work. So far, these new, improved painting products seem to be just as durable and reliable as the older versions.

Not only is the kind of paint you use an important part of your interior painting project, the technique and tools used to actually apply the paint to the wall will be vitally important as well. You can have your painter go for the traditional look or you might want to consider one of the faux finish looks for a unique twist on an old theme. This can mean mixing the paint with other substances to give it a texture, or using certain techniques like sponge painting. Some people even opt to hire a local artist and have him or her paint a mural or other work of art right on their wall. The choice is up to you for your interior painting project.

Let us help you find the right contractor for the job!   Have up to 3 of our premier member painting contractors provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote!

Low Cost Painting Ideas

January 29, 2009

So that time has come again for you or a professional painter to paint your home. Your pre existing paint may be dirty or even chipping off the walls. Even if the paint is not so bad just yet, it could even be time to update to a more modern color scheme that reflects current trends in home decor or simply you as an evolved person who now has different moods and wants to exhibit that in the color choices your home displays. No matter what the circumstances are for you that call for a new paint job, for most of us cost is an important factor that can limit or even prevent home maintenance from occurring. Being that paint is an important aspect of keeping your home attractive and comfortable perhaps you would benefit from the following tips designed to help you achieve low cost painting that does not hurt your wallet much.

-Attempt painting yourself. If you are at all physically capable and have the time, doing the painting yourself will cut out so many costs related to having a professional do the work for you. You would be avoiding all sorts of labor fees and maybe even do it in less time if you are in that kind of position to try it out.

-Go to your local large home goods store that mixes and sells paint. Many times the paint mixing centers of these stores will have rejected cans of paint, in other words colors that customers requested but did not come out to their liking. These rejected paint cans might actually have good, usable colors for your job and will be sold at a discounted price.

-If you absolutely cannot do the painting on your own, see if a close relative or friend can do it for you. Out of love and appreciation, this person might not charge you a thing to do the work for you and if they do it could be very minimal, obviously much less than what a professional who makes a living off painting would charge you. If you do not have any one who can do that for you, perhaps try looking for some young students who may not necessarily do the highest quality job but deliver something acceptable that is also low cost.

So as you can see there are various methods for which obtaining low cost painting work is possible and not too difficult to find. Do a bit of research and see how you can save money on supplies like paint, that is, if you are doing the work yourself. If you are relying on someone else, see if any one you know will do it for free except for the raw material costs or if you can find someone to do it cheaply. The main point is that if you think about it and approach the situation with some creativity you will be able to get the job done right and for very little money and that is a relief to so many people.

Let us help you find the right contractor for the job!  Have up to 3 of our premier member painting contractors provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote!